Why Should Women Wear Maternity Bras During Pregnancy?

Why should I wear a good supportive maternity bra throughout my pregnancy? This is really a question I asked myself and no doubt every single pregnant woman ask too!

During your pregnancy your abdomen reducing rib cage surge in size to allow for the development of the baby. This will cause the underneath of the breasts to raise through the pregnancy, in the first trimester onwards. You may also find that your breasts will alter again whenever your milk arrives.

You will notice your breasts start changing in preparation for feeding a child early after conception. Women will often realize that their breasts are tender when pregnant and they also may look different also. Your breasts are likely to boost about a cup size in the first trimester and so forth (should you be anything like me, then I grew 3 cup sizes!!)

When I was fitted for my first maternity bra, I was unaware that I needed a properly supportive maternity bra. As I got changed and measured for your bra, the store assistant handed me the bra or what looked similar to a hammock! I wear the maternity bra and realised why I needed one! At first I thought, ‘here we go? But to my surprise, the maternity bra was indeed a hammock, but a sexy, comfortable, and supportive hammock that was value for money – so, just how could I not resist?

Women ought to keep in mind that even though you might be pregnant does not mean your underwear must be any less as sexy as the pre-pregnancy collection! There is some very nice maternity underwear specialists out there that cater for your smaller or larger breast, including Amoralia and Pretty Baby Organic Lingerie, both offering a wide variety of styles, colours and sizes!

The thing is exactly what women don’t realise is always that a supportive maternity bra is often a necessity, not only do you should be supported for the fast growing breasts, nevertheless, you desire a maternity bra that is not under-wired, the reason being it might do damage to your breast ducks resulting in contamination like mastitis! (And you don’t want which it hurts!)

Here are a couple of tops tips when fitting for any maternity bra:

Ensure the maternity bra is fitted firmly on its tightest fitting so that there is space to grow into as the rib cage expands.

Ensure the breasts are fully covered by the bra cup to guide the growing and ever changing breasts. A deep target leading in the bra is an excellent help guide to ensure a fuller cup. Even if this is a style you’re not accustomed to some think it’s at ease larger and heavier breasts.

Ensure the bra just isn’t pressing or chaffing about the breast type tissue. Ensure to check the top of the breast and within the arm especially.

Choose a soft-cup bra as opposed to one which has a wire!

Get re-fitted/checked regularly during pregnancy to be sure the bra is supporting the breasts.

If there can be a large difference in breast size between right and left, fit the greater breast, and use a soft filler in smaller cup to even in the look. Differences in breast dimensions are quite normal during pregnancy, so don’t get worried!

Please do not forget that this only a guide each bra will fit differently.