New Mums Need More Support and Better Clothes in the Early Days of Breastfeeding

Some of my fondest memories of those “twilight days” – you already know the methods – when neither you (nor baby) can tell whether it is 24 hours a day – were of feeding my babies at 3am, just me and him, in silence (apart from Kurt’s snoring of course!). So when I read an article inside the paper a few weeks ago – I was truly shocked! Apparently within the UK we have one of many worst records for mums taking on breastfeeding in the globe!

Even although the World Health Organisation recommends mothers exclusively breastfeed their babies until they’re six months old, barely one third of British babies remain exclusively breastfed at seven days and just one-fifth still are by about six weeks. By the time babies are four months old, that figure has plunged to 7 %!

How could this be?? It is 2010 for goodness sake! We know that science unequivocally informs us “Breast is Best”, nevertheless the majority of our babies avoid getting that option. According to the articles flying about during the recent “Breastfeeding Awareness Week” a lot of mums still feel embarrassed about feeding in public that is certainly a major reason for those terrible statistics.

I can’t help but wonder simply how much of the is right down to poorly designed breastfeeding tops. Let’s face it, it is the in time a lady’s life when she is going to feel least confident, along with the final thing anyone would like to do post-baby is show their wobbly tummy around the globe. It was after I’d wandered out from the mother & baby room in the store on full display having not buttoned up properly that I decided a thief necessary to introduce some practical, stylish breastfeeding tops that might allow new mums to secure their babies discreetly. There is really hardly any available inside way of cleverly designed clothes for breastfeeding. The most of tops and dresses can be hideously frumpy or simply impossible to utilize. If only there was clearly more choice it could help build a little confidence in breastfeeding mothers.

Getting started well may be the other key and I really do wish that mums on maternity wards did not have to struggle with having the position close to chairs, when dozens of bits you lay on are extremely sore, or on single beds which are not wide enough to put your baby close to you. It might be simply a hunch, but if new mums were allowed a double bed to lie in and initiate breastfeeding off this way, I’m sure they will believe it is easier. It’s what provided me with the sting to get away and off to a flying start I’m certain….

I comprehend it doesn’t always workout for everyone, to get a variety of very valid reasons, and those mums need really positive support too and must not built to feel ostracised. But I’m sure we could all do our bit to guide mums to acquire these terrible statistics turned round!