Maternity Fashion and Women’s Trends

I never had much reason to think about women’s trends and maternity fashion until 36 months ago when I fell pregnant with my first child Leo. I did not be aware of if maternity fashion had trends.

Luckily to the first months I was capable of just acquire one size greater than my normal clothes however, if I hit the 5 month mark, I needed to make some fashion choices.

Firstly, did I want the bump to show. Was I a tight- t-shirts and leggings person or higher floaty discreet maternity dresses. Obviously every pregnant bump is beautiful in its own special way but I must admit that milk white tummies (I hate the phrase belly, particularly if its associated with beer) with greenish veins cause me to feel feel sickly, even though its my own, so I chose feminine, floaty empire lined outfits.

The choices you make on your maternity outfits are likely harder than every other fashion decision. Firstly you shouldn’t spend a lot of money on the wardrobe of clothes that you just are merely likely to be wearing for 9 months…hopefully. Secondly you will desire to look stylish and trendy, but comfort must be paramount.

So where do you start? Generally within the first couple of months and certainly in the last several months your too tired, sick and hot to get bothered hoofing round the high streets for a long time at any given time. Therefore I suggested online clothes shopping or picking out a virtual wardrobe. It takes every one of the strain and stress out of shopping and you will turn on your laptop, grab a mug of tea and set you up.

I love the net portals for a number of different high street shops of varying selling prices. This way you are able to pick out one item, ie dresses and look at what all shops have to give.

Identify what you are likely to be doing over the next nine months. Are you mainly needing work outfits or are you lucky enough to become lounging around for your duration of this pregnancy. Do you need to consider Christmas and New Year clothes or do you need to put money into cool summer clothes if heavily pregnant during August.

I lived in dresses whilst pregnant. They make things much simpler. You don’t have annoying waist bands pulling round your bump and frequent visits on the bathroom tend to be quicker using a dress than maternity jeans. Furthermore you can wear support tights underneath which greatly reduce the potential risk of spider veins along with other hideous things. Pick versatile items. Dresses made from jersey material are ideal since they are wearable from winter by way of summer. One big fashion advantage for women that are pregnant right now could be the Maxi dress. You can look totally on-trend and become completely comfortable. Many designers even get them to using a slightly shorter front than in order to prevent nasty trips and falls.

Think carefully when selecting shoes. I was convinced I would have my sky-scraper heels until finally becoming pregnant, but eventually you may give in to comfort. And at the moment flat won’t have to mean frumpy. Think brogues and military styled boots.